Road Trip, Day 1: Jungle Jim’s, Ark Encounter, Horseshoe Southern Indiana

Welcome to Ohio!

We started off our adventure by heading to Cincinnati. We left around 10:30 and arrived at Jungle Jim’s around 12:30. We went inside and quickly remembered how dangerous it is to go into a supermarket when you are hungry. We loaded up a cart with mostly unhealthy foods and drinks. After putting everything in the car, we got sub sandwiches at Jersey Mike’s. The sandwiches were very good.

Building at Jungle Jim’s

Next, we headed an hour South to the Ark Encounter located in Williamstown, KY.

Welcome to Kentucky!
Yep, definitely Kentucky

We bought our parking pass and tickets ($40/piece) and took the shuttle up to the Ark. Seeing the Ark up close was amazing. The sheer size of the wooden structure was incredible. We headed inside and visited the exhibits. We found it very interesting and worth the visit.




Wait, back to Indiana?

After the Ark, we drove 2.5 hours to Horseshoe Southern Indiana (located right outside Louisville) to use our free hotel room that we had.

We ate dinner at Smoke & Rye’s which Lauren didn’t care for very much. Myles convinced Lauren to play the slot machines for a little bit and we had a lot of fun for about an hour. We then checked into the hotel room and Myles headed back to the casino to play some poker for a while.

Poker side story (skip if you don’t care about poker):

Written from Myles’s POV- Playing $1/2 Texas hold’em with about 6 players. Keep in mind it is about Midnight and we’ve had a long day. I’m sitting with about $50 in front of me. I look down at my hand in the big blind and see pocket aces (best hold’em starting hand). I look up and perceive that everyone else has folded in front of me and the only player left is the small blind. It is proper etiquette in poker to do what is called “chop” when only the small and big blind players are left in the hand. A chop is when both players keep their blinds and move on to the next hand. So I ask the small blind if he wants to chop and he nods yes. As I’m flipping over my hand to show (since I assume the hand is over) the dealer says “NO CHOP!”. At this point I notice the player to the left of me had called the $2 blind so the hand is still live. Since everyone at the table has now seen my cards I say to the player to my left “I’ll make this easy for you” and I raised $5. I figured it would end the hand and we’d move on to the next one. Much to my surprise, he decides to call the raise. Before the flop even comes out, I push the rest of my chips into the middle to go all-in. The flop comes 10 9 4 and the player to my left says “well I hit a piece of that flop so I’ll call”. I ask him what he has and he says a pair of Tens. My hand holds up and I win the $100 pot. I wanted to write this story down because it has to be one of the only times in poker history that someone has (accidentally) shown the best starting hand in poker and THEN gone on to win the maximum money from it.

End Day 1.



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