Day 4: Blog, Trip Planning, Rest, and Camping

By day 4 we realized we were pretty tired and had not even started this blog. We decided to use the day to work on the blog and plan the next few days of our trip. We were still in Bowling Green so we found a Panera Bread with free wifi and grabbed a table there. Afterward, we got some groceries at Meijer for dinner and breakfast the next morning. That evening, we decided to stay at Bowling Green KOA. Since we planned to get up early and leave for Nashville, we decided to not set up our tent and canopy. We went to Walmart where we bought a mosquito net to cover our vehicle. By the time we arrived at the KOA, it was getting dark and the office was closed. We were still able to grab one of the available spots that they had available for late arrival. We cut up the mosquito net to cover the sunroof, side window, and rear window. We took our camping supplies out of the car and rolled out our hard-as-a-rock camping pads. It was not as hot this evening and our fans seemed to do the job.




Our hillbilly setup the next morning.

End Day 4.

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