Day 5: Nashville – Parthenon, Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

Notice: A few pictures and a video have been added to Day 3 (Canoe Trip).

Day 5:

We packed up and left Bowling Green around 8:30 a.m. and headed to Centennnial Park in Nashville where The Parthenon full-scale replica is located. Because the solar eclipse was the next day, The Parthenon was extremely crowded. Even so, it was interesting to see and read about the full scale replica. We also visited some of the other displays in Centennial Park.


20170819_115904Lauren was craving “pizza” so we found an authentic Italian pizza place downtown (Desanos). I put pizza in quotes because when Lauren says she wants pizza, she actually means she wants breadsticks with cheese (I forgot this minor detail when searching for a good pizza place). We got the Desanos pizza which was made with pepperoni, sausage, and Italian cheeses. The pizza was very tasty, but not what Lauren was looking for because they didn’t serve breadsticks there.


After eating, we found a parking garage near the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. We went through the museum in a few hours and found it interesting but possibly not worth the money it cost to get in.

20170819_135924After the museum, we walked around downtown for a little bit before heading back to our car. We were entertained by drunk people on what was called a “Pedal Tavern” where the drunks pedal a cart along the street as they are served alcoholic beverages. Thankfully, they have a sober tour guide who steers the thing.

Next, we headed to our relative’s place to hang out and stay the night. Doug, Jennie, and Maddie were very gracious to let us stay at their home. There we enjoyed our first home-cooked meal in a while (delicious!). After dinner, Maddie entertained us in the form of dancing and singing. Maddie enthusiastically sang songs while Doug played the guitar. We also got to listen to some of Maddie’s hit singles on record which were both hilarious and talented. That evening, we got some of the best sleep thus far, sleeping in a comfortable bed.

Myles, Maddie, and Lauren

End Day 5.

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