Day 11: Chillin’ at the Beach and Pool

We got what we were looking for – some rest and relaxation. We ate an expensive, crappy breakfast at the resort that we wouldn’t have done had they not given us a voucher for the issues the previous day. Next, we went to the beach where we found it would cost about $40 to rent chairs for the day. We decided to just lay out towels instead. We swam and sat at the beach for a while before going back to the resort to try out the pools. We were in one for a very short time before deciding it might be better to go to the adult only pool. We looked into the restaurants nearby and found they were expensive with mediocre ratings. We decided ham sandwiches sounded fine to us. We ate and enjoyed some adult beverages by the pool. In the evening, we picked up a pizza from Pizza Hut and watched some TV in the hotel room. We also attempted to plan out the next few days of the trip.

End Day 11.

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