Day 13: Nags Head, North Carolina

Since we slept in the front seats of our car, we were able to leave early from Wilmington KOA. We drove 4 hours north to Nags Head, North Carolina. Lauren reserved two nights in a hotel on the beach, and we were able to check in early. After dropping off our stuff in the nice room, we went straight to the beach. The rough waters were accompanied by a red flag which stated “No Swimming.” We sat on a beach for a while and noticed a couple men who were wading out into the water. We noticed them going farther and farther out before deciding to turn around. They started swimming ferociously towards shore yet made no progress. Shortly after, we start hearing yells of “Help!” coming from their direction. Earlier, when walking, we noticed a lifeguard that was about a quarter mile down from where we currently were. Their yells must’ve carried far, as we noticed the lifeguard jogging towards them. Thankfully, they made it to shore, and the lifeguard did not have to risk his life for a couple of idiots. After that bit of excitement, we went to Blue Moon Bar & Grill where Myles got a tasty crab-cake sandwich and Lauren got a cheeseburger. As Lauren perused the news that evening, she found out that a tropical storm (Irma) was heading our direction. At the time of writing this post (9/7) we now know that Irma turned into a hurricane and is heading towards Florida. Fearing our safety on this island which is only accessible by flimsy bridges, Lauren was eager to get out of there the next day. Myles called the hotel front desk to see if they knew anything about the storm – the storm was news to them. They did, however, allow us to cancel our second night with no extra charge.  20170827_13522720170827_14314820170827_15155120170827_19030020170827_143209.jpg

End Day 13.

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