Days 21-23: Washington, D.C.

Rather than go into immense detail about every single place we visited, we will simply list the places we visited and include pictures we took. No need for us to bore you with details that you can look up on your own.

Much to our surprise, Labor Day was not busy at all. Most of the museums that normally require an entrance fee no longer did after Labor Day. The museums were not very busy at all, and the subway was a breeze as everyone had the day off of work. Along with that, parking was free since it was a holiday.

After finishing our day on Monday, we realized we would definitely need more time to see everything, so we booked an additional two nights in a hotel room.

Here is a quick summary of how we spent each day:

Monday: Arlington National Cemetary, Jefferson Memorial, Holocaust Museum, Air and Space Museum

The view from Robert E. Lee’s home in Arlington National Cemetary was breathtaking. Pictures don’t do it justice, but you could see the entire National Mall – from the Lincoln Memorial all the way to the Capitol Building. Even though there is great dining in D.C., we decided to save most of it for future trips so we could save money. We ate Chick-fil-a for dinner. We also needed to move the car to a parking garage since there was no free parking the next day. The parking garage was literally across the street from our hotel, but we still managed to get lost in the process of driving there. Thanks to all the one way streets, the next thing we knew, we were back in Virginia. We were confused, and our GPS was getting mad at us. It didn’t seem to have any compassion for us and kept requesting ridiculous commands such as crossing 4 lanes of traffic in a quarter mile so we could make a U turn at an intersection which clearly stated “no U turn.” Twenty minutes later we arrived at the parking garage and found out it had a height limit of 6’3″. Our car is definitely taller than that but somehow we fit anyway. I don’t know what we would’ve done if it hadn’t. We probably would have been buying a new car because we were not about to try driving around again. As a side note, apparently, D.C. must want people to crash into each other as much as possible, because they conveniently hide their stoplights on the curb of the road where they are barely noticeable. We almost ran a few of them during our parking expedition. Anyway, we parked the car and walked 30 seconds across the street back to our hotel, relieved to be somewhere familiar.


Tuesday: National Archives, Ford’s Theater, International Spy Musuem, American Art Museum, Planetarium show (Journey to the Stars) at Air and Space Museum


Wednesday: Libary of Congress, Supreme Court, Capitol Building (Tour), Museum of Natural History, Museum of American History, White House


One thing during this trip that was hard to do was to not spend too much time at any one place. One could spend literally days in each individual museum. We went through the museums seeing as much as possible while still knowing that we will be back on future trips to be able to visit in more depth. It was especially difficult for Myles as he usually likes to read most of the wall panels and displays. Even so, we were able to take in a surprisingly large amount of information in a short period of time.

End Days 21-23

One thought on “Days 21-23: Washington, D.C.

  1. Terry Marsh

    Very, very cool. Nice job planning things out to get a lot done, and on a wise budget! In fact, I bet you could write a few blogs on “How to see the USA on not much Pay!” You could provide some very helpful tips to future travelers.


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