Day 24: National Cathedral, Antietam National Battlefield

On our way out of D.C., we stopped by the National Cathedral and took a tour. The stain glass and architecture was magnificent. It was interesting that the cathedral is one of the most recently built cathedrals being only about 100 years old. Pft.

We then headed towards Antietam National Battlefield where we stopped for gas in a small town. While there, Myles asked the gas station owners (foreigners) what they recommended for lunch to which they emphatically responded with accolades for the pizza place next door. Against our better judgement, we ordered a pizza from the dingy place and lived to tell the tale. It definitely wasn’t nearly as good as the people made it sound.

At the battlefield, we did the usual drill of watching the video and looking through the museum in the visitor center. We listened to the 30 minute ranger talk, and we were very impressed with the detailed knowledge the ranger had of the battle. We then did the driving tour around the battlefield. The landscape was stunningly beautiful; it was hard to imagine the carnage that took place at this site.

We planned on visiting Gettysburg the next day, so we drove to the Gettysburg KOA to stay the night. We stopped by Walmart to pick up an air mattress (after Lauren finally convinced Myles to buy one). We’d had enough mornings waking up too stiff to move. We decided we’d try blowing up the air mattress in the back of the car so we could get an early start the next day. This proved quite difficult, considering the air mattress was much wider than the room we had made in the trunk. Nevertheless, we were able to fill it partly and got ourselves off the hard floor. Lauren described it as sleeping in a boat as the sides of the partially-inflated air mattress folded up along the edges around us, as if giving us a big, claustrophobic hug all night long. We agreed it was better than not having it, so we stuck with it.

End Day 24.

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