Day 26: Hershey Chocolate World, Nemours Mansion, Cape May KOA

Quick note:

Sorry to not have made any posts lately. During the last part of our east coast trip, we have not had much time or access to wifi to write very much. We are about 20 days behind on the blog. As of writing this, we are back in Indiana for a short time to plan our western U.S. trip. During this time, we are working to get caught up on the blog. Plan to see at least 1 new blog post every single day. Be sure to check back regularly.


Now on to day 26. At Hershey Chocolate World, we rode the fun little factory tour ride before shopping in their store for some fresh chocolate. We also visited their cafe for some tasty chocolate snacks.

After dancing on the brink of a sugar coma, we drove 2 hours to visit Nemours Mansion and Gardens in Wilmington, Delaware. The address that we put into the gps actually ended up being a hospital, and we were quite confused when we showed up. Fortunately, the mansion was very close by. We toured the mansion before walking through the beautiful land and gardens.

After the mansion closed, we drove another 2 hours to stay at Lauren’s least favorite campground yet – Cape May KOA in New Jersey. Lauren did not care for it because the campground also doubled as a trailer park. I think that says enough. We decided to sleep in the car that night with the doors locked and one eye open.

Allow me to digress for a minute to talk about something that is near and dear to all of us: toilet paper. Whoever came up with the idea to have toilet paper so thin that you could read a fine-print newspaper through it must have been from New Jersey as they hail this idea in every single restroom. The designer of this paper is pure evil. The paper lacks the tensile strength to be able to even pull itself off the roll. The roll combines into one homogeneous mess where you can’t even find the end, and one ends up pulling it off in strips. Surely, the amount you waste trying to wad up a substantial amount outweighs any money you’d save by using the crappy toilet paper. Wait, it’s not the toilet paper that’s crappy, it’s your hand. They might as well give you the tissue paper you wrap presents in – it’d work better.

End Day 26.


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