Day 28: Assateague National Park, Dover Downs Casino

Wild horses!

In the morning, we drove down to Assateague National Park in Maryland to see the wild horses which roam Assateague Island. We stopped by the visitor center to learn a little about the island and get a map. Immediately upon crossing the bridge, we were greeted by some plump horses munching on the roadside. We learned the horses are swollen looking because they ingest so much salt from their food in the salt marshes. This causes them to drink twice the amount of water as a normal horse which makes them swell up like a balloon. While driving along the island, we saw quite a few wild horses. All of the walking trails were pretty short so we took all of them – one of them aptly named “Life of the Marsh Trail.”

Rather than take the seasick-inducing ferry back across to New Jersey, we decided to drive back up through Delaware. Myles was itching to play some poker, and he found a casino which offered a $29 hotel room for 4 hours of poker play. We got there and checked into the room before Myles headed to the poker tables. The hotel and casino were both non-smoking which was great. The hotel room was also one of the nicest we had stayed at (not bad for $29). Once again, if poker bores you, ignore the rest of this post.

I hopped in the $1/2 game for $200 and quickly noticed that there was an extraordinarily high amount of drunk people in the game for it being a Monday night. Perfect for making some money! Unfortunately, the other half that wasn’t drunk were the semi-serious players who seemed to play on a regular basis which I inferred from their conversation. The night was very swing-y. At one point I was down to only $60 and later on I was sitting at about $400. By the time the 4 hours was up, I had about $250. The room was also running a promotion for the high hand of the hour. Luckily, I had the high hand of the hour which allowed me to spin a prize wheel which had cash prizes ranging from $20 to $300. I spun the wheel and it landed on $150! There was a secondary wheel that had double or even triple or nothing. When relaying the story to Lauren, I asked her if she thought I spun the second wheel. She was certain that I did. She was dead wrong. I may play poker but I’m not much of a gambler. I only play games where I know I can have an advantage. The only game in the entire casino where that is the case is poker which is why I don’t touch slots or table games.

End Day 28.

2 thoughts on “Day 28: Assateague National Park, Dover Downs Casino

  1. Terry Marsh

    “I may play poker but I’m not much of a gambler.” This statement should become an instant classic, like many of Yogi Berra’s remarks! It is hilarious but true, and may take a moment to appreciate the nuance.
    Also, thanks for the permission to go wild around the salty snacks, in the hopes of rounding this guy out!


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