Days 29-30: Philadelphia and Valley Forge

We left the casino hotel and drove 1.5 hours to Philadelphia, PA. We were very excited to see the historical parts of the city which were so vital to the beginning of our nation. We visited Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, and many other historical sites. We decided we needed to try some Philly cheesesteaks so we went to Sonny’s Famous Steaks for lunch. They were tasty, but we weren’t sure if they lived up to the hype. That afternoon we went to the Philadelphia KOA and set up our tent.

The next day we visited Valley Forge National Historical Park where we did a driving tour. It was a rainy day so we spent as much of the time as possible either in the car or in buildings. We were able to visit the building that George Washington lived at during that time. After our visit there we went to a local mall to eat some Five Guys and find Lauren some new sunglasses. Afterward, we drove toward Bushkill Falls and stayed at the Pocono Mountain KOA. There we learned that they saw bears there almost on a daily basis but hadn’t seen any in about a week. We figured the bears would be hungry if they hadn’t had a camper to munch on in at least a week so we decided to sleep in the car like wimps. We enjoyed each other’s company around the campfire that evening and had a lot of deer walk within 20 feet of our campsite.

End Days 29 & 30.

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