Days 31-33: Bushkill Falls, Gillette Castle, Mystic KOA

On day 31, we visited Bushkill Falls – a gorge with multiple waterfalls. There were a few different trails but we chose to take the most difficult trail which went passed all of the major falls. It was a rainy day so we wore our ponchos and had a lot of fun on the trail. Since it was a gorge, there were a lot of climbing and elevation changes which Lauren wasn’t too fond of. Even so, she still thoroughly enjoyed it. Afterward, we drove about 3.5 hours to a Hilton Gardens in CT near Gillette Castle. 

The next day we visited Gillette Castle. When we arrived, we found out the visitor center was closed as was the castle. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the castle from the outside and the amazing views of the Connecticut River.

That afternoon, we drove to Mystic KOA where we found out it was KOA member appreciation weekend where they give out a free night to KOA members. We were lucky they had any spots left. We booked it for two nights. After getting settled in at our camp site we went on a beer run. For once, we ate something other than hot dogs and cooked soup over our portable gas stove. We had stopped by Wal-Mart earlier in the day to pick up a little variety of food so we wouldn’t have to keep eating only hot dogs at the campground.

The next morning Myles made scrambled eggs (egg beaters) and fried spam over the gas stove. Even though Myles knew she would love it, Lauren was not at all interested in trying the spam he had made. We decided since we had a free night at the campground, we would just chill and catch up on some rest. We enjoyed each other’s company and explored the campground. We were also able to catch up on some laundry.


End Days 31-33.


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