Day 35-37: Cape Cod, Casinos

We ate breakfast at our hotel before driving to a mini golf place (Pirate’s Cove) that we had passed on our way in. It was still pretty early in the morning when we arrived, and we weren’t sure if they were open since no one was there. There were 2 sets of 18 holes and we had fun playing the one that the workers recommended. After finishing the first set of 18, we went to return our clubs when the nice lady asked us if we wanted to play the second 18 for free. We obliged, of course, and talked to her for a little while about our trip. She made some great suggestions for places to visit when we went up to Maine which we wrote down on our score sheet.


After having our fun, we grabbed some lunch and went back to our hotel room to take a glorious nap. Next, we drove around the cape for a while and visited a couple different beaches which we explored for a while.

We planned to take the ferry to Nantucket the next day to stay at a bed and breakfast that we had reserved. Unfortunately, we learned that a very strong tropical storm (potential hurricane) was scheduled to hit Nantucket the next morning. The weather was supposed to be awful on the island for the next few days and we had only reserved one night. Since we didn’t want to get stuck on the island with no place to stay during a hurricane, we decided to cancel our reservation – in hopes that we would get a refund. Unfortunately, they would not give us a refund so they can Nansuckit.

The next day, since the weather was supposed to be awful, we decided to head back inland to some casinos in CT. On day 36, we went to Foxwoods Casino and explored the place (including an entire mall inside) before Myles played some poker. Lauren read her book while Myles played poker for a while. That afternoon we drove towards Mohegan Sun Casino and stayed at the Hyatt place nearby.

On day 37, Myles went to the casino and played poker most of the day while Lauren read and caught up on some tv shows. The hotel was cheap which is why we decided to take a couple days to chill out and get some rest. We decided to stay one more night at the hotel and drive to Mystic the next day.

Poker note: After two days worth of play, Myles ended up making around a whopping $10. Oh well, it was fun and entertaining. Could’ve definitely gone worse.


End days 35-37.

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