Days 38-40: Mystic Aquarium, Mystic Seaport, Plimoth Plantation

In the morning, we drove to Mystic Aquarium. Unlike the Ripley’s Aquarium that we went to in Gatlinburg, this one was extremely crowded. Even so, we loved seeing all the sea life. We watched a sea lion show that was fascinating. We also got to see a whale and octopus that the Ripley’s aquarium didn’t have. That afternoon, we went back to the Mystic KOA that we had already stayed at. This time, however, we got the premium tent site which was a lot nicer (and closer to the bathrooms) than the last site we had. Since our tent zipper was completely broken at this point and it was drizzling, we slept in the back of the car.

On day 39, we visited the Mystic Seaport. Even though it was a cold, rainy day (the tropical storm had moved inland), we still enjoyed perusing the old ships and learning more about them in the museums. It was very interesting to see the area where all the restoration work happens. They were in the process of restoring the Mayflower II for Plimoth Plantation. The seaport is a very active shipyard with boats coming in and out all the time. We ate some fresh seafood (at least Myles did, Lauren had a corndog) and saw the planetarium show. That evening, we drove to the Boston/Plymouth KOA. 

On day 40, we visited Plimoth Plantation in the morning. It was interesting to see how they had recreated colonial life as well as a Native American village. Since it wasn’t their busy season, there was little activity going on. For the admission price we paid, we expected a little more. Nonetheless, we had fun and explored the place before making a Walmart run. That evening we stayed another night at the Boston/Plymouth KOA.

End Days 38-40.

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