Days 41-42: Boston

Driving in Boston was nuts. Who knows how anyone with a Massachusetts license plate obtained their license in the first place. The natives showed us no mercy as we tried our best to find our way around town. Since so many roads are layered on top of each other, our gps kept getting confused which one we were on. Thankfully, it wasn’t too difficult to find certain locations, it was just the other drivers that were awful.

Our first major stop was the Boston Tea Party Museum. We bought our tickets and learned that it was an interactive presentation that guided you through the docks and a museum. While waiting for the tour to start, we noticed the guide handing out cards to the people in front of us and giving them instructions of what they should do during certain parts of the presentation. Us being the anti-social, introverts that we are, we had little desire to be a part of acting out the tea party events. We fidgeted in our seats until she handed us our cards – but with no instruction of anything we had to do. Yay! (The cards were informative bios of people from that event). We found the presentation enjoyable and learned some interesting details about the event. Afterwords, we enjoyed a tea tasting and an amazing chocolate chip cookie, freshly baked and still warm! The tea we tried was the same kind of tea that was thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party.

We then drove to Arnold Arboretum  and arrived shortly before closing. Thankfully we were able to grab a map and walk through the trails and see many different types of trees, plants, and flowers.

We were able to find a decently priced Holiday Inn (almost impossible since the Red Sox had a game) and stayed the night there.

The next day, we did the Freedom Trail. We enjoyed walking by all the historical sites and learning some history along the way. Unfortunately, for it being a Monday, it seemed extremely crowded (in the first mile or so at least). There were many tour groups which were hard to get around and it was hard to get a good look at something for very long. Many of the historical buildings were also undergoing reconstruction which meant there was scaffolding covering the view of the building. Our journey ended at the U.S.S. Constitution (“Old Ironsides”) which was unfortunately closed to the public for the day. We were pooped so we decided to take the ferry back so we wouldn’t have to walk the entire distance back to where we parked.

Since Freedom Trail took most of the day, we didn’t get to the Boston Fine Art Musuem until a little before closing. We found out that admission was free for the last hour so we waited 15 minutes in order to get in for free. We saw as much of it as we could before having to leave at 5.

Afterward, we decided to head on up to Maine so we drove to Freeport and stayed the night in a hotel.

End Days 41-42.

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