Days 43-44: Maine – Ogunquit, Rockland, Freeport, Ellsworth

We drove down to Ogunquit to do the Marginal Way cliff side walk. We took in the beautiful views on the mile long walk before going back to the small town to shop for a little bit. Lauren went to a local tea store and bought some really tasty tea.

We asked a local where they recommended where we could get good seafood. They pointed us to a place fifteen minutes up the road. At the restaurant, Myles got the seafood platter which had fried haddock, clams, scallops, and shrimp. It was delicious. Lauren got a chicken sandwich which was obviously not the restaurant’s specialty. Throughout the entire east coast trip, Lauren was very gracious to let Myles eat at seafood places so he could experience fresh seafood.


That afternoon, we drove up to Rockland, Maine to stay the night. We were exhausted by the time we got to the hotel, and we were excited to jump into bed. We jumped in and heard a splash. Okay, that might be a hyperbole, but our beds were soaking wet. We were so tired, we debated on putting up with it, but we eventually decided to go to the front desk. They gave us a new room, so we went back and packed everything back up. We moved to the new room a few doors down. Upon arriving, we found the same situation. At this point we were too tired to move rooms again, so we asked the front desk for fresh sheets and remade the beds ourselves.

The next day, we did the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, a 1.6 mile round trip walk out to the lighthouse. Afterword, we drove to the L.L. Bean store in Freeport and did some shopping. Now that we are campers, we have to thoroughly inspect every camping store that we come across to make sure we are not missing anything.

That afternoon, we drove up to Ellsworth as we were planning on visiting Acadia National Park the next day. Myles hadn’t yet experienced a fresh whole lobster so we found a place that cooked them fresh. It truly was an experience. When you walk in the “restaurant” they open up a box filled to the gills with writhing lobsters. They asked you to pick a lobster where upon, they grab it and put the squirming thing onto a scale (you pay by weight). Upon weighing, they throw the lobster into a rope bag and dunk it in vats of boiling water outside the building. A few minutes later, you have a very fresh, bright red lobster right in front of you. Getting the meat out of  the lobster is a struggle at first. The seasoned veterans nearby that we watched while waiting made it look easy. It also takes a little bit to get over the fact that you are eating what looks like a giant bug. You probably burn as many calories retrieving the meat from the lobster as are in the lobster itself. The meat was a delicious treat – very sweet and even better when dipped in melted butter.

End Days 43 & 44.

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