Days 45-46: Acadia National Park

We ate breakfast at the hotel and drove about an hour to the visitor center in Acadia National Park. We talked to the park ranger about the best things to do in the park. She gave us some great suggestions, and we headed off to the Beehive Trail. This trail is not for the faint of heart. It started off fairly easy but soon enough we were climbing almost vertically up the rocks. There were metal rungs to hold on to as we dangled over the edge. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the views were well worth it when we arrived at the summit. We then continued on to the Gorham Mountain trail which also had spectacular views. We then looped back to our car by following along the beach.

acadia trail

After the climbing and hiking, we were pretty hungry so we had a picnic lunch before moving on to the Jordan Lake trail. The trail was 3.3 miles long and circled the entire lake with beautiful views along the way. By now it was getting dark, and we wanted to get a good view of the sunset so we buzzed up Cadillac Mountain just in time to see the sun go down. It was freezing cold and very windy at the top of this 1500′ tall mountain so we did not stay long after the sunset. We drove to Bar Harbor to grab dinner and stay the night. The service at the restaurant was terrible. We saw at least 5 other groups of people sit down after us and receive their food before us. When we finally did receive our food, it was mostly cold. The entire time there, we felt like zoo animals – everyone kept staring at us. While waiting 45 minutes just to be seated, we noticed the 4 hostesses continually looking our way, and we could even hear them saying our name. It was weird. It was like we had “outsider” tattooed on our faces. Even the customers at the other tables kept looking over at us. Who knows, maybe we stunk – we had hiked a lot that day. Maybe we were the jerks that were ruining everyone else’s dinner by stinking so badly.

The next day, we took a couple more trails and experienced some more amazing sights. We had another picnic lunch and were planning to take another trail but we opted for a nap instead. Later in the afternoon, we did some shopping at Bar Harbor before driving on to Augusta, ME to stay the night.

End Days 45-46.

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