Day 61: Redwood National Park

October 22, 2017

In the morning, we drove an hour to the Sea Lion Caves just to learn that there were no sea lions in the cave at that time. We moved on and drove through Redwood National Park and to the visitor center. We decided to do the Prairie Creek Trail to see the “Big Tree”, a massive redwood that is almost 24′ in diameter and 286′ high. After seeing the tree, we took a wrong turn and ended up heading the wrong direction on the trail. We quickly discovered our mistake and decided to just continue on this longer loop trail. What would’ve been a 2.3 mile looped turned into an almost 6 mile loop. No matter, the sights along the trail were magnificent. We stayed the night at Benbow KOA and slept in the back of the car on our air mattress.

End Day 61.


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