Days 70-72: Santa Barbara, Anaheim, Disneyland

October 30-November 1

In the morning, we packed up camp and drove to Santa Barbara. We took in some sights around the town for a little bit and spent some of the day reading in our hotel room.

The next day we drove to Anaheim and checked in early at a hotel that was located within easy walking distance of Disneyland. The hotel was brand new and very reasonably priced so we booked it for two nights. Since it was Halloween, we didn’t want to go to the park just yet so we walked around one of the shopping centers and stopped by Johnny Rockets for lunch. In the evening, we ate at the hotel bar and watched the final game of the World Series.

The next day was Disney! We walked to the park before opening and got in line at the gates so we could rush to our first attraction – Indiana Jones Adventure. We were glad we did so because we were able to almost walk straight on to the ride which proved to be one of our favorites. We paid a little extra on our tickets to have Fastpass available for us on our phones. Fastpass basically holds your place in line while you can go ride other rides. This proved well worth it because we were able to ride all the major rides before lunch time. Our longest wait was probably only 15 minutes. The rest of the day we went on the rides that didn’t have Fastpass and gorged ourselves on the amazing food. In the evening, we went to Downtown Disney to do some shopping.

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